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A "Dirty" Word

April 8, 2024By Picture of Darrel SchickDarrel Schick
A "Dirty" Word

As you work to reach your community for Christ - you may wonder “what’s the best way to do it?”

As I’ve written elsewhere, personal invitation is the very best way to grow a church. But there is something else that assists personal invitation and provides a foundation for awareness of your church.

It’s called “marketing”. It is sad how often I hear pastors and congregants bad mouth marketing - like it is a dirty word for churches.

Here is the truth. Nearly every single church that exists does marketing. They either market well or they market poorly.

  • If you have a sign in front of your building - you’re marketing.
  • If your pastor has a business card - you’re marketing.
  • If you have a Facebook page - you’re marketing.
  • If you have - for some reason - the church’s number in a phone book - you’re marketing.

Marketing is the process of letting folks in your community know that you exist.

However, most people won’t just pour into your church because of marketing alone. Marketing - tied to personal invitation - will bring folks into your church.

Say it with me. "Marketing is not a dirty word." It is just another tool in our tool belt designed to reach our communities for Christ.

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