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The Front Door to your Church

April 5, 2024By Picture of Darrel SchickDarrel Schick
The Front Door to your Church

What does your front door look like? I’m not talking about the “real” front door of your church building. I am talking about your church’s web page.

Since COVID hit, our church has seen that most of our guests who come in person to our church - discover us online. In other words, when looking for a church to visit, most folks we are seeing are headed to our website before anything else.

THAT is the new front door to your church. Maybe you have a killer site or maybe yours is terribly outdated or perhaps it is somewhere in-between. The key takeaway is that every church that wants to reach their community needs a decent website or “front door”.

Your website doesn’t have to be extensive but you do need a number of things on it.

  • Your physical address and maybe a map.
  • Contact information that someone will see and answer.
  • Days and times of your main events.
  • Information about expectations for first time guests.

You’d be surprised at the number of church sites that do not include those things. I found two church websites just last week that didn’t include the church’s physical address.

There are some churches who are putting their main focus on Facebook - and that’s okay - but I would recommend still having a website presence with your basic information - to serve as your virtual “front door”.

[There are tons of people willing to make web pages for you - but they either try to do too much or they charge too much. Contact me if you have a need for a simple web solution that is easy to edit - even for non-techie pastors - and it comes with a reasonable price.]

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