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Why Does Your Church Need a CheckUp?

February 12, 2024By Picture of Darrel SchickDarrel Schick
Why Does Your Church Need a CheckUp?

As a pastor, and because I know many pastors, I believe most pastors I know want their church to be growing and healthy. I believe most pastors spend plenty of time praying for God to move in their congregation.

The problem is there are blind spots we have as pastors - or there are things we just don’t notice because we are so busy. And just like human beings need regular check ups from our doctors, I believe churches need to have regular check ups as well.

That’s the reason for “Church CheckUp”. My goal is to be an encouragement to pastors and churches. The encouragement comes through the form of a checklist that will help pastors and churches see where some adjustments are needed.

Our prayer is that the blogs and podcasts you’ll find on “Church CheckUp” will prove to be helpful for many churches. Please feel free to contact me through the website for information or advice and I will respond as soon as possible.

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